Blue Summer Dress

I received some friendly backlash for my lack of posts in the last week or so, so I thought a few words were necessary to maintain whatever loyal followers I have. (:
Here is a dress I actually made a couple years ago. Although the silhouette looks pretty simple, the pattern was the first that I've drafted from scratch (meaning I designed it completely and used no slopers). I wanted a body-con dress with a v-neck and scoop back with the sleeves as far off the shoulders as possible for the knit fabric that it was. I used a dress form and muslin to pin and draft the pattern in a 3-D form, then transferred the markings to paper in order to cut out the fabric. Starting completely from scratch like this involves a lot of trial and error and is a pretty laborious process.
This is also the only dress I've made that had a lining that was more expensive than the outer fabric (it was made from bamboo, a natural fiber, and therefore less accessible than synthetics like the blue knit blend).
The dress turned out very tight and short, so it might have to be reserved for the pool as a little coverup.
More to come soon on a black maxi and kid sweatshirt that I made recently.
Tomorrow I register for fashion classes for the fall... I can't wait!!

Don't Ask Me How I Know It, 


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