Summer Woods & an unhemmed dress

I'm not sure if it was the beauty of a perfect sunny day in the woods, the lengthy amount of time it's been since my last photo shoot, or my increasing summer laziness, but two days ago I just HAD to take pictures of this incomplete dress. I absolutely adore this silk chiffon fabric that I knew would look great with the lush green fields as a backdrop. So despite the unfinished state of the dress (see the frayed, unhemmed edges of the skirt and sleeves), I threw it on and snapped a few photos.
Usually I reserve photo-taking until after a garment is as perfect as I can make it, but sometimes it's good to embrace imperfection, right?

Ehhh....I think this dress still needs a hem.

The pattern is actually for a swimsuit coverup, but I lengthened the skirt a bit and made it into a simple shift dress for summer. I did the opposite with this pattern a few months ago when I shortened the skirt to make it a shirt. I'll post a picture of it soon.
Altering patterns slightly can give you such varied looks. 
Hope you had a wonderful weekend full of field-frolicking like I did. 

Don't Ask Me How I Know It, 


  1. wow beautiful girl and dress! where is this gorgeous scenery? so green!


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