Photoshop Elements Actions

The full Adobe Photoshop software costs nearly $1000. A little too steep for an amateur student photographer, don't you think? While the full Photoshop does possess almost endless tools and editing possibilities (like the ability to use VSCO filters which mimic the look of vintage film camera without the hassle and expense of developing, and the ability to batch-edit photos), it is a pretty big investment for one person's home computer. So instead of going this route (my high school art room had the full photoshop for me to use), I bought Photoshop Elements, the much more practical, albeit more limited, version of Photoshop. And it turns out I can make some pretty cool edits, thanks to my discovery of PSE actions which condense minutes of painstaking steps into one click which applies the whole filter in a matter of seconds. All of the above photos were completely transformed and edited into what they are by just one click on a filter preset. Although you can buy packages of these filters, I have had a lot of success by merely using the free ones I found on sites like Coffee Shop Blog (click here to find them). 
Someday I will inevitably purchase the full Photoshop (or maybe Photoshop Lightroom- a whole other story). But for now I thought I'd let you in on my cheap secret: the $90 PSE + free PSE actions. 
As you can see, the results are striking and extremely varied. 

Don't Ask Me How I Know It, 


  1. would love to know WHICH ones you used for these, though. Specifically, the 5th photo. I've been looking for an action like that.


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