Saturday Stumbles

So this post is a little of everything...I've been really busy since graduation, beginning two new nannying jobs and spending lots of time with friends. Sorry for neglecting the blog a bit!
I decided to throw together a few unrelated items this morning.

1. A poem I wrote when I was 13:
(don't you love coming across old writing?)

"The Fugitive"
Forlorn and silent
in gray battered dress,
fleeing from something 
that lies innermost to himself. 
He emits utter tranquility, 
though subtleties show
other emotions
brewing deep within. 
He sits unperturbed 
as passersby stare, 
fixed physically, 
though perpetual inner
investigations he aims
at his tattered soul. 

2. A fantastic book that I recently read that made me reconsider my belief in heaven:
(you can find it on Amazon)

3. What to wear out tonight:
(both items from Zara)


I promise--- more fashion posts soon! I'm back to the shop.

Don't Ask Me How I Know It, 


  1. sorry for the trouble, but is the book available at book stores? do you know? sorry and thank you!!!!

    1. Yes it is! It is at Barnes and Noble (you can find it at their online store, too: Enjoy!

  2. talented author even at a young age!!


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