Most of the books I have read for high school. So many hours!
My grandparents and immediate family.
All of the girls wear white dresses and carry gorgeous bouquets of yellow roses (one of our school colors).  
My sisters and little cousin. 

Accessories from the day. 
Waiting with friends to file out to the football field where the ceremony was held.
In front of the iconic school tower. Only students who have attended USM since first grade get to see the inside. 

This past Sunday I graduated from high school! 
It was a beautiful day (75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky) and a really nice ceremony. 
The senior processional was led by a group of bagpipers and our school choir sang a beautiful version of "Time to Say Goodbye," which made me tear up a bit...
It was such a bittersweet afternoon, as I've completed so much hard work (see the stack of a million books I had to read) but even more hours of great moments with friends who will all be heading separate ways in a few months. Senior year has been my favorite year of high school and I can't wait for my little sister to take my place as a freshman next fall. 
Goodbye University School of Milwaukee, hello Washington University in St. Louis!

Don't Ask Me How I Know It, 

P.S. I made my white dress!


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