B&W Dress with Boning

I actually made this dress a few summers ago. I was passing my time in Door County and had started taking sewing lessons from an 84 year old woman. I learned so much from her; she taught me how to use boning and interfacing and how to properly sew lining into my dresses. I also had some of my first experiences with tailoring while under her instruction (the worst part about sewing, I can assure you)!! More than half of the time spent sewing a garment is fitting it perfectly to your body and this often involves more deconstructing than just constructing. Only once have I cut a pattern to my size to have it fit perfectly the first time! This is why dressmakers often use muslin to make a first mock-up before cutting into more expensive fabric; as human beings our bodies are all differently proportioned and rarely is a person a perfect size. 

Look for a post soon about the name of my new clothing line!

Don't Ask Me How I Know It, 


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