The Chinese Countryside in Black and White

These are just a few old snaps from my trip to Shanghai, Beijing, and a few surrounding towns two years ago. This particular spot was so idyllic and picturesque- we took a great boat ride and got to admire all of the homes, restaurants, and shops from the water.
China is definitely the most exotic place I've ever traveled to-- some restaurants served goldfish straight out of tanks near their tables and everywhere my family went our pictures were taken as if we were celebrities! It took some getting used to!
But with the aid of a couple informative tour guides we got to explore and learn about the Great Wall, the Space Needle, buildings where the 2008 Summer Olympics were held, and so many more unique spots.
As the two weeks drew to a close I realized the importance of leaving the places that are so familiar and ordinary to you to experience the ways in which other people live. Life in China feels, sounds, looks, smells, and tastes distinctly different than life in the US, and the only way to truly experience it is to immerse all of your five senses.

Don't Ask Me How I Know It,


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