How to Make Soft Curls

Prom is tonight for my sister and me, but since we go to different schools, we will experience them separately. Lucky for me, I get to get two people ready today! 
Greta literally left me each detail of her look to determine: dress, shoes, flowers, nails, makeup, and hair. We tried out this style last week to see if she wanted it for tonight. 
Her dress is a Parker mini made entirely of charcoal sequins, with a racerback neckline. Her nails will be OPI Shellac in Bubble Bath. Her shoes will be a pair of peep toe black pumps from my closet (she is also stealing a clutch). Her corsage is cream and of course I will just do her makeup the way I always do mine- we can twin from afar. 
I'm so glad I finally have the chance to wear this dress! The group I am taking pictures with is huge (around 40 people), but I will still try to post a few. 

So now for the how-to: 
1. With hair still wet from the shower, pump a couple rounds of mousse (I like Redken Guts) into your palm. Pick up layers of hair and apply evenly along the roots of your hair. 
2. Blow dry hair, using a round brush to add volume. 
3. Switch on curling irons with two different width barrels (having two thicknesses makes hair look less coiffed and more relaxed). 
4. If you have lots of thick hair like Greta, pin up half of it and begin with the base layers. 
5. Starting toward the roots, wrap two-inch sections of hair around the barrel until you reach the end. 
6. Spray curls with a bit of aerosol hairspray from at least six inches away. 
7. Keep varying amount of hair in each curl as well as barrel size for the best results. 

How do you like doing your hair for a night out? 

Don't Ask Me How I Know It, 


  1. I like to have my hair straight, but I am going to try these curls for graduation thanks to you!

  2. do you do DOI?


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