fabric hunting

A couple of weekends ago I was in Evanston, Illinois, touring Northwestern University before I finally made my college decision (I chose Washington University in St. Louis). 
At the end of my walk around campus I was lucky enough to get the chance to stop in Vogue Fabrics, AKA heaven. What I feel in fabric stores is like what I did as a kid at Disney World- I almost cannot contain my excitement as I run madly from aisle to aisle. I didn't leave until I had examined every bolt, lugging stacks of them up to the cutting counter to be sliced just for me. There's something so magical about dreaming up potential garments in my head, picturing the endless variety of pants and dresses a certain textile could become, and then finally deciding on one. I ended up buying around ten different fabrics that I can't wait to use- one will become my graduation dress, one a men's shirt, and another a pair of pants. 
Fabric hunting is pure enjoyment. Do you have a place or activity like this?

Don't Ask Me How I Know It, 


  1. oh my! did you take those gorgeous pictures?? for my enjoyment (besides sewing) I like to walk my golden retriever and take pictures in the woods :)

  2. Yes I did! Thanks for checking out my blog!!


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