Dress With Pink Rosettes

This is the latest product of my basement sweatshop. Until I was about halfway through sewing this, I didn't realize just how similar the silhouette is to the white dress I recently made (you can see it here). For the next ensemble I make I promise I'll pick a new shape! I forgot to keep a tally of the number of hours the whole dress took, but I would estimate that I spent around seven or eight hours on it. The majority of the dress is machine stitched, but each hem is hand sewn. Because so many people ask me how something like this is constructed, I included some pictures of a few stages of production below. 

Sewing through the thick rosettes was a bit of a challenge, but I would pick this stiffer mesh fabric over a stretchy jersey any day. 

Please excuse these unprofessional iphone photos...

 Left photo: Laying out the pattern pieces of the skirt.             Right photo: Assembling the bodice.

Finishing the bodice was the most difficult part of the construction of this dress. The fabric has no give and I wanted a snug fit, so I had to either put in a zipper or a series of hook & eyes. Unable to find the right length, color, and style of zipper at JoAnn Fabrics, I decided on the latter. 


Left photo: Attaching the back and side bodice pieces. 
Right photo: The dozens of pins needed to make a meticulous invisible French seam. 

I am considering putting a lining underneath the skirt if I decide to wear the dress; you can see the skirt is somewhat transparent without it:

Spring break finally starts tomorrow! I'm hoping to divide my time between the bright sunshine of California and the dim light of my basement sewing room. What should I make? 

Don't Ask Me How I Know It, 


  1. wow! amazing talent... I love all of your designs!


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