Commonsensical Chanel

So, um, could Karl Lagerfeld's latest show get any chicer? 
In a stroke of genius, Chanel's top designer took the runway to the supermarket, showcasing his Fall 2014 ready-to-wear collection down its aisles. But this grocery store was anything but practical. It was entirely stocked with his custom Chanel brand delicacies; everything from mineral water to cheese to spaghetti to confitures. The official count was something around several hundred thousand items. Models casually strolled through, carrying their selections in oversized hobo bags and totes. Clothes were almost a side note. Almost. 
In fact, the understated elegance of Lagerfeld's collection is what made it so relevant and sensible. I hate to use the word pragmatic in association with anything fashion, but the garments were so wearable that one could actually envision oneself layering the separates to wear while shopping. Stilettos were replaced with trainers and suits with workout clothes. 
The whole sensation was described by the fashion blog Style as "a piece of conceptual art,...a critique of pop culture...offer[ing] the juicy meat of an academic thesis." 
If only the Chanel grocery were open to the public. I would kill for a sip of that bright pink soda.

Don't Ask Me How I Know It, 


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