It's Lovely Being Little

There are obvious advantages to being tall: you're more likely to be a CEO, a model, or a professional basketball player, you can reach things without climbing on chairs, and you still look chic in flats. At barely 5'3,'' I admit I sometimes look in the mirror and only see the negatives to being petite. Inevitably about once a week someone will say "You're sooo little!" or "Wow you look short today." But in a recent attempt to embrace the cute & miniature I've decided to shrug off these comments and consult the following list whenever I experience doubts. 

The Perks to Being Petite: 
  1. You will always look younger- while you will probably get carded until age 40, there will come a day when you'd love to look ten years younger 
  2. Guys think you're cute and want to protect you 
  3. You can always shop in the kids section- plus children's clothing is almost 20% cheaper than adult sizes
  4. It's difficult to dress indecently- clothes just don't appear as skimpy on a smaller frame because less skin is exposed
  5. People like to pick you up- weighing around 100 pounds makes you a convenient weight to curl
  6. It’s easier to do the limbo- when's the last time you did the limbo? 
  7. You're less likely to break bones when falling
  8. There's no limits on high heels- let's face it, 4, 5, 6 inches might only elevate you slightly closer to eye level with your friends
  9. Clothes are never too short- plus, it's easier to hem clothes than sew on extra fabric
  10. You're an ideal size for crowd surfing, cheerleading, & ballroom dancing
  11. It's no problem to weasel your way through a crowd
  12. Garments are so much more versatile for you- long shirts can become dresses, cropped pants become standard jeans
  13. People offer to help you more- reaching things, carrying things, holding the door
  14. You always get to be the top of the pyramid
  15. Studies show that shorter people possess a longer life expectancy
  16. You can fit more easily into airplane and car seats- although you might always be forced to take the middle backseat...
  17. You'll be the last to get rained on when it rains and you won't have to hold the umbrella when sharing (this one I found on another blog and it made me chuckle)
  18. You can stretch out fully on the couch and your feet don’t hang off the bed

While we little people will never be leggy, statuesque models, we've got other things going for us. And as they say, the best things come in small packages...

Don't Ask Me How I Know It, 



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