Be Mine

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Happy (almost) Valentine's Day 
From me to you!

Links in honor of the coming holiday...

A sophisticated red dress for date night. 
And the shoes to wear with it. 
Heart wall decals for your bedroom or office. 
Is it Valentines Day or Single Awareness Day?
The insanely expensive $45 rose
A Raspberry & Chocolate Parfait Recipe.
Dysfunctional Sweet Hearts
And a few romantic blunders.
What I'd love to receive on this holiday. 

Although we're still a day away from February, I admit I'm already thinking about the day of red and pink, hugs and kisses, love letters and heart shaped chocolates. All this musing has made me miss the days of elementary school when we would decorate boxes and deliver little valentines to all of our friends. The annual parties were so festive and it was always delightful to read notes from secret admirers and munch on miniature sweet heart candies. But you're never too mature to write a sappy "roses are red" poem for your crush and you're never too grown up to host a cookie decorating party for your friends. So slow dance in your living room to your favorite love song, watch your favorite romantic comedy, and tell your special favorites how much you love them.

Don't Ask Me How I Know It, 


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