Sun on a Vase

The sunlight glistening through me,
sparkling, transforming, flowing
like water.
Pushes away shadows,
full of color as it seeps into every
crevice and crack.
Finding all secrets,
Blinding me it is so bright
like a lemon, a daffodil, a honeycomb.
But it doesn't last forever
and soon disappears,
looking for more hidden places it can awaken
and leaving me to shadows.

I just stumbled across this old poem in a little book buried in my bedside table drawer that I used to write in when I was twelve years old. I'm sure I've just analyzed it far more than I did when writing it, but the fleeting nature of sunlight seemed like the perfect metaphor for the constant transitions of life that are in the forefront of my mind right now. Although it was only six years ago, twelve years old seems so incredibly young to me now. Maybe it's just the fact that this year I officially became an adult, or maybe it's because I'm anticipating moving away soon to college, but lately I've been feeling nostalgic for the playful days of my younger years. There are so many transitions in life and it's hard to always appreciate exactly where you are in the present moment. Although it is not quite time for New Year's resolutions yet, I'll admit one thing I hope to focus on in the coming months is savoring the last full moments, days, weeks at home with everyone that I love. Just like the sunlight that leaves our windows each afternoon, we too must all move on to new things and explore unfamiliar places in our lives, or else we are forced to confront the same shadows each and every day.
When I find myself agonizing about the future or hearkening back to memories at age twelve, I hope to remember something little but meaningful about the current day.
Who knows? Maybe one of these days I'll enjoy writing another poem to find relevant when I'm twenty four.

I took the picture this summer in Door County. I remember noticing how beautifully the light shone through the window and illuminated the threadbare curtains and rough wood floors of the barn.

Relax tonight, take pleasure from tomorrow. Sit in a sunbeam and bask in its transient warmth.

Don't Ask Me How I Know It, 


  1. Thanks for the reminder to seize the day, I need to hear that too


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