Happy, Happy

In honor of the new year that will begin in 25 hours, I feel compelled to set at least one resolution. I think I'll stick to one that I can realistically keep throughout the coming months. My goal is to pause for a moment of reflection each night in my bed to write down three things from that day that I was thankful for or a moment that I enjoyed. It's so easy to let the stresses accumulate during the school week and to forget to set aside time to walk the dog, bake a pie, meet a friend for coffee, or read a book. And even if we consciously try to incorporate pleasure into several parts of the day, these brief moments are easily forgotten as we dwell on days to come. 
This year in September I had a really wonderful week. Five great things happened to me in the span of seven days and I remember feeling so excited that I made a list of them with the date so that I would never forget. I know that if I hadn't written them down I might remember a few, but would probably fail to recall the pleasant emotions that accompanied those five "gifts." Because I have cheered myself up by going back to this list on days that weren't so happy, I know that this resolution of mine will be good for me. Often we go for weeks or even months without splendid, life-changing events that make us want to fill pages with ecstatic thoughts. But actually writing down the littler things- the smile you got in exchange for offering a neighbor a cookie, the discovery of an irresistibly catchy song, even the warmth of your mug of tea on a particularly cold day- provides a better method for developing greater appreciation for life.  
I think I'll try this for a month or two, see if it helps me maintain a positive outlook and savor all the agreeable instants in my days. 

What are your resolutions?  

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