Shooting Males

This past weekend I took my first male senior photo shoot. It was very exciting! Shooting guys is very different than shooting girls- they are generally less comfortable in front of the camera and agreeable poses are somewhat difficult to find. While I've learned that girls often look best with their bodies turned slightly away from the camera, men often prefer to be pictured straight on; it makes their shoulders appear broader and their bodies more masculine. Before the shoot I was nervously looking up possible poses online and this is what I found:

Although we tried out only a few of the suggested poses, things went a lot better than I expected...he was a natural smiler and model- it also helped that we were good friends so I could boss him around a little bit.

Here are some of the shots:

This is one of my favorites and the picture he chose for his yearbook page.

 Color? Or black and white? Always a tough call. 

                               The Milwaukee River is gorgeous in the fall. 

This was my first shoot with my new 50 mm lens that I am slowly but surely getting to know.
Senior portraits are such fun and I can't wait to print these out to put in a little album for him.
Because this session was such a breeze I can't wait to take more pictures of guys!

Don't Ask Me How I Know It, 


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