Quaint Spaces

I usually love the possibilities of designing a dress- choosing the fabric, deciding the waistline, sketching out a sleeve. But what about the design of a place where one might wear that dress- say, a room? This is my first foray into exploring interior design and it has been a fun experiment. I thought I would begin by exploring the online inventory of one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie. Unique in its bohemian hippy-meets-preppy vibe, Anthro boasts clothing, accessories, furniture and found objects.  Oh, and nobody can compete with their store window displays. In fact, while searching around for employment opportunities at boutiques in downtown Milwaukee, I came across an ad for a job at Anthropologie devoted exclusively to these elaborate sets. 

Here is the mood board of the first room I have ever put together. I love the color scheme of a cream base mixed with richer green, blue, orange, and teal shades. Anthropologie sells the cutest doorknobs painted with tiny details and the most adorable toys (see dominoes), but my favorite piece in this room would have to be the chair. I love the somewhat beaten feel to it and how clever is the wooden frame surrounding a gorgeous painting? I could totally see one in my art studio- in fact, that might make a challenging DIY for the future.  

How would you describe this room?

Don't Ask Me How I Know It,


  1. I love the moodboard you made. Looks like a really cosy room! :)


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