Star Spangled

Was a month ago tomorrow really the 4th of July? Where has the time gone? So here, I suppose, is my patriotic blog post a month late. Finding this lovely oversized Free People American flag scarf was mere chance, but using it in a photo shoot was certainly intentional. I knew that its vintage look with the somewhat washed-out, muted colors and frayed edges along with its lightweight, airy fabric would capture well in photographs. Although I have yet to purchase that 50 mm lens I've been pining for, I did the best I could with my telephoto, backing far away into the bushes to get these close up shots. The two beautiful models are my friend Lane and her cousin Meredith, both visiting for the day.
The shoot took place on a beautiful woodsy street along Lake Michigan that provided great overcast lighting and the perfect backdrop. I chose to keep the styling simple to keep the emphasis on the scarf, but mostly because Lane and Meredith were only staying for a day and weren't planning on posing so we didn't have many outfits to chose from! Denim with oversized mens shirts seemed classic and relaxed paired with red lips and minimal hair styling. 
Thanks again to Lane and Meredith for this spontaneous shoot! 

Don't Ask Me How I Know It,
xo Klara


  1. I love the scarf and patriotic theme!!

  2. Stunning photos! Absolutely love love love!!

  3. Your so pretty im jelous!
    Check out my blog pretty pretty please :)

  4. so beautiful

  5. Love the Pictures!

    Please take some time out & visit my blog
    Claudia xx

  6. those are some really cool pictures:) love that you were wearing blue and red blouses:))

    lots of love x


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