80 Degrees

Its a lovely night in mid-July, my favorite time of year. I just love how the temperature is already 80 degrees by 9 am and the sun bursts through the clouds until eight o'clock at night. All we seem to do up here in Door County, Wisconsin is soak up these rays while staying cool in Lake Michigan or the pool. And that's the way I like it- no work or stress, all ice cream and relaxation.

Here is my little cousin Jack who is so much fun and lives for crazy pool games & synchronized swimming routines with his older girl cousins. Jack is also a go-to model for me, always willing to participate in a photo shoot and always a natural subject. 

Running down the pier to catch the sunset!

                                                                          What a handsome fellow!

                     Floating, floating, all the day long....

Hope you enjoyed the few candids from tonight's adventures!


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