Beach House

Sometimes when I find myself thinking a lot, I turn to music and styling, my two preferred means of creativity. Tonight I decided to post about this idea I have had for some time. It's a photo shoot, of course, requiring four key elements. 
1. A long white maxi gown (will I sew it or buy it? hmm..)
2. Hair Chalk to rainbow ombré the ends of curled blonde hair
3. Gilded headpiece to adorn the model's face and draw attention to her hair
4. A bleak and desolate landscape to add drama and depth to the photographs

I haven't decided yet if I will be shooting this digitally or with film, but I hope to accomplish it soon (the hair chalk just came in the mail! step 1!). 

The dominant impression of this collection should be ethereal and dreamy~ I'm listening to Beach House, can you tell? 

So I guess this is my "before" picture; once the snow melts in a month or so I hope to have the "after!" 

Yours Truly from Free People:
The Ramro Headpiece $68 
Hair Chalk $28
Temptress Cold Shoulder Maxi $608

Don't Ask Me How I Know It,


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