Sporty Sprite

My twin sister just asked me to pick out an outfit for her violin concert and could I refuse? While I'll admit this assignment has caused me some deliberating, I've decided to do a few daily-wear inspiration boards to try to fully internalize her style. A hockey player, track runner, and cross country star, Greta's style can be summed up as sporty chic and laid back, devoid of all things girly and preppy, with an edge: "I hate bows, but I love sequins." 
Here's to Gigi. And The Gigi. 

Raquel Allegra Ribbed Henley $265.00
MOTHER The Runaway Skinny Flare Jeans $198.00
Splendid Davenport Sandals $138.00
Botkier Valentina Satchel $395.00
Tory Burch Fache Sequin Large Tote
Sara Designs All Chain Wrap Watch $330.00

P.S. A girl can't carry two purses at once, so which bag would you choose? 

Don't Ask Me How I Know It,


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