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Good afternoon fashion lovers!
Just this last week at sewing class my teacher (like most people who meet me) noted my petite stature. While most of the time comments about my size leave me feeling insecure and small, excuse the pun, her observations opened my eyes to my latest fashion favorite: Zara! A Spanish clothing and accessories line, Zara was established in 1975 and continues to produce more than 10,000 new designs each year! Not outrageously costly, this fashion line boasts high end garments with affordable price tags. The best part? Teeny tiny sizes. Whether it was established for the impossibly skinny women in Europe or meant solely for me, Zara, needless to say, is my dream come true. Although it's not the hardest burden to bear being too small for nearly every brand on the market, avoiding looking like I'm dressing up in my mother's clothing and extortionate tailoring gives me great satisfaction. Even though I have yet to purchase my entire online shopping cart of clothes, I thought I'd share this resource for those of us who are vertically challenged. Thanks to my sewing teacher's daughter, who looks like me, I now know that not every designer targets only the beanpoles walking their garments down the runway. 

 One of my favorite fall night-out picks: 




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